One of the easiest way to show someone you appreciate them is to feed them!  We have already begun partnering with schools and taking their teachers to lunch but, we need support in turning this in to a statewide campaign.  Our goal is to take teachers to lunch in every school district in Arizona.  If you own a restaurant, like to cook or want to just donate towards the cause this is your chance.  Help us take teachers to lunch!


Are you a fan of MDTP and want to support our administrative/program costs that are necessary to deliver our programs efficiently, please select an option below to support the cause and help us continue our work.


The key New York Islanders jersey womens to any innovation and to successful change in a system is sustainability.  As MDTP  grows we want our capacity to help schools pay teachers more money to grow with us.  The Teacher Salary Endowment is our mechanism to support salary increases long-term.  Our ambitious goal is to create an education endowment in all 50 states in the U.S.

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