May 2017

  • 01

    Teacher League

    This is a mobile platform that allows teachers to upload their exceptional lessons on to the app to be voted on by the viewing public of anyone with the app donated.  We run different competition based on subject matter and the winning teacher receives cash prizes and incentives.  We believe competition brings the best out of all us and this is another way for us to highlight/elevate amazing teachers.

Jul 2017

  • 30

    Beat The Classroom

    Instead of doing the regular stuffy fundraiser we wanted to do something more fun and interactive!  Each year we select a teacher, through a student lead application process, to compete in the quiz game style competition that places the teacher in competition in a game show format against their class.  We put together unique prize packages for the teacher, student and the participating school.  This is a great way to support our cause.  You can participate by either purchasing a ticket, making a donation or donating a prize that goes to the winning team.

Dec 2017

  • 31

    Shortage Documentary

    This documentary focuses on the increasing teacher shortage that is happening across the state.  Each year less and less people are choosing the teaching profession.  Through this documentary we not only explore why but also suggest some solutions.