What can a mere apple do to change education? Ask the students at Creighton Elementary School.

As part of the #applesforteachers campaign, the Million Dollar Teacher Project launched an apple drive to marry educator appreciation and community improvement. Students at Creighton School were encouraged to bring in apples – the symbol of teacher appreciation – to their classrooms. The goal? The class that brought in the most apples was promised a pizza party (pizza courtesy of local comedian). What’s better than making teachers happy and pizza? Just when you thought this program couldn’t get any better, the Million Dollar Teacher Project added ponies to the mix.

Apples that were brought for the apple drive were given to the Successful Sunrise Foundation to help feed their therapy animals. The nonprofit animal therapy group brought ponies and goats out to interact with students at the school. Kids were recognized as instruments of change in teacher appreciation. Successes that span across industries are the exact kind that perpetuate MDTP’s goals, the Creighton School apple drive shines as a wonderful example of what that kind of interaction looks like.