One In A Million: Terrell Moore

Name: Terrell Moore
School: Eagle Prep Harmony
Grade: K-8

How long have you been a teacher?
I’ve been teaching for 4 years now. Ive done all 4 years at Eagle Harmony and ive
enjoyed every minute of it!
What made you get into the teaching profession?
I used to work for Verizon wireless and after 2 years i felt like i wasn’t fulfilling my duties
as human being. I didn’t feel like i was giving back to the world and i felt empty. By the
grace of god a friend of the family told me about eagle and i decided to apply. I got the
interview and soon after i was teaching in the classroom with 4th grade. Now my 4th
graders are in 8th grade ready to graduate and I’ve grown so much with them along the
Who was your most inspirational teacher and why?
My most inspirational teacher was my math teacher Mrs Morris. She taught me to
never give up and that i am smarter than what i thought. She showed me how to work
harder and to believe in my skills.
What do you think are some of the biggest challenges teachers in Arizona face right
The biggest challenge that teachers face is financial living issues. I feel like teachers are
very underpaid for all the work that they do!
How do these issues affect your day to day?
These issues affect my day because I have two kids myself and being able to give them
everything they want and need is not the easiest thing in the world so I have to work
extra hard in order to give them a good life.
What does the $250 tax deduction for school supplies for teachers mean to you?
It means a lot because something is better than having nothing at all.
How are the expectations of becoming a teacher different than the reality?
I don’t think they differ at all, It is not hard at all to become a teacher. I feel like anyone
that pursues this career will find it to be an easy path.
Why do you think teachers burn out so quickly?
I feel like teachers burn out so fast because we have to deal with so many different
personalities from many different backgrounds. We as teachers wear many different
hats and we have a lot to handle in an 8 hour period on top of our regular life duties and
living means.
What “fills your cup” when you’re running on empty?
A hug from a kinder friend can make my day any day.
What are some of the most thoughtful and effective ways parents and the community
can show gratitude?
They can show gratitude by just being apart of the village and team. We all need to work
together in order to get our kids on track to becoming outstanding citizens.
What is your wish for Arizona’s children?
My wish for Arizona children is that they all flourish and gain knowledge through our school
system and our teachers.
What additional support or supplies do you need in your classroom and who do
people contact if they want to help out?
We could use more Sports equipment because the kids don’t really have a lot of things to
play with at recess time or free time through the day.

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