CST Tech Assistant Planner

Class Room Support
Tech Assistant

  1. Support the teacher in the classroom, stocking printers with paper and toner, updating devices, and checking audiovisual equipment.
  2. Provide assistance during computer instruction as needed.
  3. Ensure computer equipment is working properly.
  4. Assist with resolution of computer problems.
  5. Install new licensed software.
  6. Perform “housekeeping” functions in the classroom (e.g., keeping computers clean and free of dust).
  7. Perform other duties as assigned.
  8. Ensure that reflections forms are being completed.
  9. Find unique ways for the classroom to use current technology and introduce new platforms that might enhance lessons. An example may be finding videos that students can watch that relate to a subject, subject to approval from your teacher before anything is shared with a student.
  10. Teach computer skills to students effectively and with patience.
  11. Answer questions about properly using computer applications and hardware.