8 Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher appreciation week just passed but it doesn’t mean you should stop showing your gratitude for teachers.

Below you’ll find 8 ideas for showing your appreciation for teachers year-round because educating future generations is a pretty heroic task.

Send Classroom Supplies 

Most of the time, teachers spend a large part of their modest salary on classroom decorations and supplies for students. Teachers will always appreciate receiving items they don’t have to ask for or buy themselves, so purchasing supplies you know they are in need of is the perfect way to say “thank you.” 

Peter Babichenko, Sahara Case

Have Your Child Write a Letter

Receiving handwritten letters in the mail is always a treat for teachers. Take time to sit down with your child to assist them in writing a letter to their teacher thanking them for specific things they learned during the school year. This is a sweet and personalized gesture that is sure to make any teacher’s day!

Kenna Hamm, Texas Adoption Center

Make a Self Care Package 

Teachers spend seven hours a day with 20+ children, teaching them vital information for their future in education. It is a very difficult and selfless job! Sending a teacher a package with gift cards to a nice restaurant, a movie theatre, or a retail store you know they like along with a bath bomb or nice candle will give them the permission they need to take some much needed time for themselves.

Denise Gredler, Best Companies Arizona

Share Their Impact

While teachers appreciate gifts, I think what is most valuable to them is to share the impact they’ve had on you and your children. Ten years from now, they’ll forget about the gift card, but they will remember your story.

Brian Stinson, The PEAK Fleet

Give Gift Cards and Goodie Bags

Gift cards are always a winner! To give them an extra kick, build a custom gift bag around the gift card. Ie: Starbucks gift card… Add a best-selling book, a cozy blanket, and maybe even a cute mug! A gift bag can be a really thoughtful way to express appreciation.

Candace Cotton, Halo Branded Solutions

Get Involved in a Campaign

In an effort to support local restaurants and show appreciation to teachers simultaneously we will be sending lunch to the homes of 100 valley teachers through our Take a Teacher to Lunch program. We will also be sharing videos from our #PasstheApple campaign. For this campaign, people share with us videos telling a story about their favorite teachers.

Lloyd Hopkins, Million Dollar Teacher Project

Recognize with Fair Pay

Increase their pay! COVID-19 has shined an even brighter light on the power of educators in our community. They deserve all the praise and the resources to get the job done, while also living a fulfilling life outside the classroom.

Michelle Diaz, Teammate Experience Manager

Homemade Cards

Our family signs and makes cards for teachers to show our appreciation for all they do. Nothing beats a heartfelt, Crayola crayon enhanced piece of paper that visually expresses the impact a teacher can have on the entire family. Slipping something into a homemade card – like a gift card – is always a nice touch. But, people just appreciate authenticity. Nothing is more authentic than a homemade card from a first-grader.

Brett Farmiloe, Education SEO Company

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MDTP launches #Continuethelearning Campaign to assist during COVID-19 Crisis


As our state wrestles with responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, to keep families safe, schools campuses have been closed down for the remainder of the school year and districts are now moving towards virtual or distance learning to deliver instruction to kids.   It has been incredible to see the resilience of our educators to adapt and, I think now, more than ever, families are reminded of the importance teachers play in our daily lives!  Even though moving classrooms online is a great approach to keep students engaged, it has exposed a huge gap that still exists in the pursuit of every student receiving an equitable education.

In many Title I School Districts, as much as 65% of their students can still lack access to the internet and devices they need to participate in virtual classrooms.  As we all work diligently to properly manage the current crisis in our state, another one looms if we can not keep kids connected.  As a response we have created an initiative named ‘Title I Tech’ to assist Title I districts with getting their students what they need to keep learning.  This is where we need your help.

Through our partnership with Mathew Blades of the Mix 969 morning show, Mathew & Priscilla, we have committed $15,000 at Target for the purchase of devices (laptops, tablets, etc) to immediately get these things in kids hands, but we need more so we can do more.  So, we have launched the #Continuethelearning campaign with a goal of raising an additional $25,000.  This will not only enable us to get students the devices they need but also assist with internet connections and any other needs that might arise around this area.  We are contacting you today in hopes that you can make a donation towards helping us reach our goal.  No amount is too big or small and as a community we can overcome any challenge.   So, we hope we can count on you for a contribution TODAY.   To learn more about the campaign, donate or apply for help please click here.

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