Take a Teacher to Lunch

We bring fully catered lunches to schools so that teachers get the love they deserve! Partnerships with companies like Culinary Dropout, Panera, and Macayo’s allow us to bring these lunches to schools, engaging the business community in celebrating teachers.

Million Dollar Teacher

In partnership with Mix 96.9, we feature one extra-amazing teacher and highlight their achievements in a radio segment! Monthly, our One In a Million Teacher speaks with Matthew Blades on air, gets a 1-hour massage courtesy of Massage Envy and a 4-person party at Peter Piper Pizza!

The Teachers’ Lounge Podcast

Watch or listen to our latest episode or go back and play previous episodes.

Teacher Recognition Ideas

Follow our Pinterest Board for creative ideas on how to recognize the teachers on your staff.

Thank A Teacher Door Decorating Contest

It is important for students to participate in teacher appreciation. Each year we partner with a school to challenge their students to creatively decorate their teachers door for chances to win a prize for their classroom. One catch, the design somehow has to incorporate our mascot Benjamin somehow. The designs are posted on our social media pages and the community votes on the winner!

Benjamin’s Pass the Apple Scavenger Hunt

What started as a way to celebrate teachers that were making an impact at their school, in their classroom, and in their students’ lives, has now become an opportunity to play, explore, discover and celebrate. It’s also an opportunity to win and be celebrated!



The key to any innovation, and to successfully change  a system,  is sustainability.  As MDTP grows we want our capacity to impact teacher compensation in creative ways to grow with us.  The In Teachers We Trust Endowment Fund is our mechanism to, not only support innovative strategies to increase teacher compensation long-term, but to also offer emergency assistance to teachers experiencing hardships, offer scholarships to educators looking to further their education. provide field trip grants to teachers looking to take their students on educational outings and to offer basic needs assistance to families identified by teachers.  Our ambitious goal with this fund is to create an education endowment in all 50 states in the U.S.


Classroom Support Team

MDTP leverages partnerships to place talented individuals in classrooms to lighten the load on educators. The team includes a technology specialist, student teacher, teaching assistant, and parent engagement specialist, successfully improving teacher morale and student performance.

Million Dollar Teacher Tree

We take multiple approaches in creating pathways for the community to be involved in getting teachers the extra support they need to accomplish the goals they have in helping students achieve success in the classroom. We allow teachers to dream BIG (because that is the example we want them to set for their students) and create a list of things for which they need support, and we share this list with our supporters.

Spruce the Lounge

This initiative was created in an effort to partner with schools, businesses and the local community on creating spaces on school campuses that serve as on going reminders to teachers of just how valued they are.

Title I Tech

The pandemic alerted us to the massive digital divide that exist for many Title I schools and students in low income communities.  This initiative was created to continue the learning for students by keeping them connected to their teachers.

Upcoming Programs

Teacher League
The Teacher League App will be an innovative platform designed to create new revenue streams for educators and our initiatives. Teachers will be able to upload videos of their best lesson for competitions. Income from advertising will fund prizes for teachers and go towards an endowment fund for schools to put towards teacher salaries. 

Teacher Appreciation Package (T.A.P.)
Businesses will offer significant discounts and deals to teachers when they present their T.A.P. card. Businesses receive more traffic and teachers know what businesses care.