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The work of Million Dollar Teacher Project is all about supporting STUDENTS by supporting TEACHERS and during this unique time in our state, where we see schools being closed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to make sure we are in position to help students and teachers CONTINUE the LEARNING. We are raising money to launch an education emergency endowment fund called the ‘In Teachers We Trust’ fund.

With the pending prolonged effects of Covid-19 on school campuses, educators and administrators are exploring how they can continue teaching students remotely by creating virtual learning environments. This is a great solution, but in many of our marginalized communities, students still lack proper access to the internet and the technology they would need to effectively participate in a virtual classroom. MDTP wants to assist teachers and students with access. This initiative will be used to make sure students have adequate access to the technology they need (tablets, laptops, internet access, etc.) to participate in virtual learning. Establishing this approach will allow schools, districts and teachers to apply for financial support to aid in getting their students connected through our new TITLE I TECH initiative.

Now, more than ever, we are reminded of the very important work that teachers do everyday and why it is important that we support them in Continuing the Learning. Every dollar donated will go directly towards providing a student with technology or a teacher in need! Thank you for helping us support students by supporting teachers. Together we can Continue the Learning!

Our goal is to connect 11,000 students to devices and internet connections.

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