Annual Special Events Overview

Adult Field Trip

The 7th annual Million Dollar Teacher Project fundraiser, will be PRIVATELY held at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix in downtown Phoenix for the 2nd year in a row. This event evening will begin cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and, together, we will celebrate the kid in us that finally gets to play outside and be reminded why teachers are so important to all of us! With a live raffle, music and the museum all to ourselves, this amazing event will be the best Adult Field Trip you have ever taken!

Party in the Square

‘Party in the Square’ is a block party style event filled with good food and music at Heritage Square.  This event is to raise money in support of our statewide Take a Teacher to Lunch Campaign.

Feel Like a Million Dollars

Feel Like a Million Dollars (FLAMD) event, we want to make teachers feel like a million dollars!  Teachers in our country are immensely under-appreciated and the focus of FLAMD is to make one lucky teacher feel like a million dollars!

Mixer Above the Lake

The purpose of the Mixer Above the Lake is to recognize our donors and raise $25,000 for the “In Teachers We Trust” Fund.  The purpose of the “In Teachers We Trust” Fund is to fund innovative strategies for teacher compensations that aren’t tied to the traditional sources of teacher pay.

The Last Supper of Summer

The Last Supper of Summer is a spin-off of the Million Dollar Teacher Project’s popular “Take a Teacher to Lunch” program.  The MDTP is bringing the party out of the classroom and into the community so we can celebrate teachers together just in time for the back-to-school season.  The night will be full of good food, and great people.

Upcoming Events