Spruce the Lounge

The Problem

Each day, highly qualified teachers are leaving their passion due to lack of support, recognition, and appreciation, low levels of professional respect, and inadequate compensation.
With the absence of these educators from the Phoenix’s public-school classrooms, students are not receiving the highest quality education.

Our Solution

Renovating teachers’ lounges with the goal of:

  • Providing a campus refuge that will enable them to take a break from stress, recharge their batteries, and refuel their passion
  • Creating a space that will enable meaningful collaboration with their colleagues
  • Serving as a consistent reminder that they are appreciated for the hard work they do everyday

Spruce the Teacher Lounge is here to ensure that the educators who take care of our students everyday know that their work is seen and felt.


Students can show their appreciation by:

  • Volunteer with redesigning and/or beautifying the lounge
  • Volunteer by creating Thank You notes to leave in the lounge for the teacher